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Did you know that with Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia, the onset of symptoms such as forgetfulness is not the beginning of the disease?

Destruction of brain cells begins 20 years before symptoms appear, and the disease progresses without symptoms.

Symptoms appear when the destruction of brain cells progresses to a level where brain function cannot be maintained.

In this way, Alzheimer’s disease progresses completely unnoticed, but it is known that using your mind regularly can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Furthermore, it is said that using your mind while having fun is more effective than just using your mind mindlessly because dopamine is secreted in the brain.

Therefore, we have prepared brain exercise puzzles that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, so that you can have fun using your brain and reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Please try the challenge.

* We’ll be adding 2 puzzles every month.

Calculation Quiz

No1: Which sumo wrestler will be the winner?

When playing against each other, the one with the higher number wins.

The sumo wrestler who competes and wins adds the number of the loser to the next match.

Example, when sumo wrestlers with the number “4” and “2” compete against each other, the wrestler with the number “4” wins. The next time the winning wrestler competes, the number he has will be.

brain exercise with calculation

Creator:Sanae Toyoda

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Spot the difference

No1: Hiking at Mt.Fuji

Find the 5 differences.

spot the difference

Creator:Sanae Toyoda

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